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Race the Lake


To keep this event safe, please follow rules below. Do not pass in the other side of the road and try to cut in quickly.  This was done by one of the teams a few years ago and caused a major problem.  There will be more course monitoring of the fist couple of waves to make sure this rule is not broken.  If it occurs that team will be disqualified. 

Race Details

Race the Lake is in its 13th year and an 88 mile race/ride around the majestic Lake Winnebago, full of scenic diversity and is enjoyed by all abilities from professional to the beginning cyclists. WE DO MEAN ALL ABILITIES. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO RACE THIS EVENT. DO IT AT YOUR LEISURE. YOU ONLY HAVE TO SUSTAIN A 12.5 MPH SPEED AND HAVE 5 FOOD STATIONS.

88 Miles
The course will stage the dramatic start at Lakeside Park in Fond du Lac. The journey begins by heading north hugging the west side of Lake Winnebago and traveling through Oshkosh, Neenah, Menasha, Appleton and to the half way point at High Cliff State Park. Riders then take the east shoreline of Lake Winnebago - taking in lots of greenery, the mammoth blue lake and fresh country air. The course goes through Calumetville, Marytown, and St. Peter, and finishes at Lakeside Park (158 E. Harbor Drive) in Fond du Lac.

Sat., Aug. 21 - Lakeside Park
1- 6 p.m. - Registration & Packet Pick up
2  p.m. - Course Talk
4 p.m.- Course Talk
Sun., Aug. 22 - Lakeside Park
4:15-5:30 a.m. - Registration
5:30 a.m. - Fat Bike Wave

5:50 a.m. Elite Wave 

Cash prims:
This will be announced as we are closer to the event.
-Top 3 Tandem and Relay teams.
*Top 3 in each 5 year increments starting with 19 and under

Event Details

Bottle Exchange- This is where you can exchange your empty water bottle for a full one. Please bring an old water bottle that will be thrown away between the drop zone signs. Bottle exchange at High Cliff State Park and at Marytown.
SUPPORT VEHICLES - will be provided along the course.
6 REST STOPS - You can rest and there will be water, gatorade, medical supplies, foods, simple carbs and a porta potties:
1. Menominee Park
2. Rec. Park Neenah
3.  After High Cliff State Park on High Cliff Road.
4. Lakeshore Dr. & Quinney Rd
5. Cty G
6. Cty WH & Cty Rd WW
Every mile and each turn will be marked with highly visible signage. Intersections controlled with police and volunteers. Aero bars can be on your bike but you can't drop down on them.

Cash prims: To be announced as we are closer to the event.
-Top 3 Tandem and Relay teams.
-Top 3 in each 5 year increments starting with 19 and under
-Tope 3 Teams. This is scored by the 3 top fastest cyclists on your 
  your team.

**NOTE: Cash prize winners are still eligible for team awards but not eligible for age group awards.


Event Rules

Only cyclists with an official race bib worn on the left side are allowed on the race course. Course will be monitored by race officials.
Disqualification issued for:
1. Crossing the center line.
2 .Not wearing a helmet or bib on the left side of your jersey.
3. Using any sound devices.


Wave 1 - 26mph+ ONLY 50 allowed. First come first serve. After the first 50 in this wave, you can register for wave 1, but will go off 10 minutes after and before wave 2. 
 Wave 2 - 25mph
 Wave 3 - 24mph
 Wave 4 - 23mph
 Wave 5 - 22mph
 Wave 6 - 21mph
 Wave 7 - 20mph
 Wave 8 - 19mph
 Wave 9 - 18mph
 Wave 10 - 17mph
 Wave 11 - 16mph
 Wave 12 - 15mph
 Fat Tire Wave