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Race the Lake

The Event

This is a stunning  timed bike ride around Lake Winnebago going  through 3 counties and many cities. The major intersections are controlled by police officers allowing the bikes to go first. You have 8 hours to do it which is about a 12.5 mile

Schedule of Events

Sat., Aug. 20 - Lakeside Park
         12-4 p.m. - Registration & Packet Pick up       
         1 p.m. - Course Talk
 Sun., Aug. 21 -  Lakeside Park
         4:15-5:30 a.m. - Registration
         5:30 a.m. - Race START Fat Bikes
          5:50 a.m. Race START first wave
         2:30 p.m. - Course closes

Only cyclists with an official race bib worn on the left side are allowed on the race course. Course will be monitored by race officials.
Disqualification issued for:
1. Crossing the center line.
2 .Not wearing a helmet or bib  on the left side of your jersey.
3. Riding 2 or more abreast when vehicles trying to pass. Move to the right to allow traffic to flow. 
5.  Using any sound devices.

6. Aero bars can be on your bike in wave 5 or higher but you can't drop down on them.

Cash prims:
-$500 ‘King of the Hill’ Prim
-$300  Prime for St. Peter.
Awards given to the overall male/female and traditional age divisions.

Bottle Exchange- This is where you can exchange your empty water bottle for a full one.  Please bring an old water bottle that will be thrown away between the drop zone signs. Bottle exchange at High Cliff State Park and at Marytown.
SUPPORT VEHICLES- will be provided along the course.
6 REST STOPS- You can rest and there will be water, Gatorade, medical supplies, food including simple carbs and a port-a-potties:
1. Menominee Park 
2. Rec. Park Neenah
3. High Cliff State Park 
4. Lakeshore Dr. & Quinney Rd 
5. Cty G 
6. Cty WH & Cty Rd WW
Every mile and each turn will be marked with highly visible signage. Intersections controlled with police and volunteers.

At this time E-bikes will not be allowed to enter.